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Engineering Solutions


Specialising in Engineering solutions and designing equipments





Customisation & Designing

 - Precision Machining 

 - Jigs & Fixture Designing

Installation & Maintenance 


 - Provide upgrading work on systems.

Troubleshooting & Repair  


 - Repairing all types of PCB cards,

   Electronic Instruments

 - Electrical Wiring Work

Buy New


Sourcing of mechanical or electronic parts locally or overseas.

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Tri-X Enterprises was founded in year 2003 through the synergistic alliance of a group of experienced technical individuals as a value added system integrator. With a diversified background ranging from electrical, mechanical, chemical, and project management, we have over the years established a reputation for providing optimal total system solution to cater to the needs of our customers in various fields and industries.

Tri-X Enterprises designs and manufactures both standard and customised machines for all industries application. The company served industries including Aerospace, Disk Drivers, Semi-Conductor, Manufacturing, Plating, Institution of higher learning, Biomedical and Optical Industries.

Tri-X team of design and service engineers is deeply committed in our quest to provide the best solution to meet every industry process requirement. With our rich design experiences and wide array of standards as well as supporting equipment available, we are able to integrate effectively a process line within a short notice.

On top of customisation and design of precision systems, Tri-X also provides other services that include precision machining, electronic services such as instrument and PCB repairs, etc.

We also help our customers in upgrading projects.

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Block 1 Kaki Bukit Avenue 3 #10-06 KB-1, Singaprore 416087

Tel: +65 6841 8567

Fax: +65 68418569

For any general inquiries, be sure to drop us an email or phone us 

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